Fairy Garden

I didn’t mention in my previous post about the fairy garden within the woodland gardens.  This is because I wanted the fairy garden to be a whole post in itself, as it certainly deserves it! The above picture shows the Grand Hotel, with the king and queen’s place being the wooden house on top.

This is the main entrance to the Grand Hotel.

This is the cute back door.

And here is the upper part of the Grand Hotel with an adorable door and balcony.

Here is the Chapel of Fairies, which the fairies faithfully attend every Sunday.

This is where the fairies get their teeth cleaned and straightened.

This is where fairies get new wings.

And this is the Fairy Theater.  Do you see the piano on the stage?

This speaks for itself.

Here is the lighthouse.

This looks really neat.

Here and below are little shops that the fairies frequent.

Isn’t this playground neat?

This was lovely scene.

And this is my favorite picture I took.  I love how the sun is shining on the little fairy cottage.




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