My Blue Dollhouse: A Tour

Several years ago I received a dollhouse kit for my birthday.  It was actually hard to put together, but I persevered.  I painted it blue and, the best part, got to buy things to put in it!


So, I am going to give you a tour through my blue house.  I have stopped buying things for it because of another project…but that story will have to wait.

Here it is: the inside.

Okay, so here is the living room.  It has a couch and a chair with a footstool.  There was a coffee table, put I put books on it and put it by the window seat, behind the stairs.  And check out the china cabinet and adorable china set!  That’s probably my favorite thing about the house.

Here is the kitchen, where the mother spends most of her time.

There is a stove, an oven, a sink, a refrigerator (yes, with food inside), a table, a highchair, and three chairs.

Then there is the little girl’s room.

She has a dresser, a bunk bed, a desk, lamp, and chair.  Behind her bunk bed you will notice a crib…

It’s a nice little area to put the baby’s dresser and crib.

The baby even has his own window to look out of.

And last of all is the parent’ bedroom.

They kindly decided to let their daughter have the larger bedroom and so their bed, dresser, and mirror are rather squished.

Okay, that’s it for the dollhouse tour.  Maybe sometime I will show you a similar work in progress…


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