A Hobbit Hole Cake

This is a hobbit hole cake I had for my birthday a couple years ago.  I made it myself, having seen pictures online.  It was not hard to make and was tons of fun!

Besides baking a cake, I used oreos for the windows, candy rocks for the rocks, brown sugar for the pathway, a Fudge Stripe cookie for the door, an m&m for the door handle, icing for the grass and outline of the windows, and part of a Milky Way for the chimney.

I baked the cake in two nine inch pans.  I had to put on a base layer of white icing first.  I iced the first cake and then cut the other cake in half.  I placed one of the halves on one side of the first cake, iced it, placed the other half on the first half, and then iced it.

Next, I put some food coloring into a container of icing and mixed.

I then iced the cake with the green icing.

It sort of looks like grass, right?

Next, the best part, decorating!

It turned out really cute.

My brother suggested I use his Lego figures, so I did.

It looked very neat all lit up!



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