Hi there!  My name is Zelie.  Here are a few facts about me:

  • I am Catholic
  • I am a homeschool graduate
  • I am currently a college student
  • I attend the Traditional Latin Mass
  • I come from a big family
  • I love wearing skirts
  • I love reading and watching old movies
  • I enjoy taking photos
  • One of my favorite hobbies is making movies with my family
  • I am an avid fan of Dr. Pepper (the soft drink)
  • I detest coffee and chunks of tomato
  • Some of my favorite saints include: Blessed Mother Mary, Saint Zelie Martin, Saint Therese of Lisieux, St. Maria Goretti, the Fatima children, and St. Augustine of Hippo.

I have created this blog in order to share my thoughts on the traditional Catholic faith, modesty, virtue, femininity, and pretty much everything involving living in the world but not of it.  This blog is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom I have a very special dedication and devotion.  Thus, this blog’s name, Under Her Starry Mantle, is an attribute to her ever watchful and motherly protection to all of her children on earth.