Thoughts on Makeup


Makeup enhances a woman’s natural beauty.  It is no sin to want to look nice.  Just like we don’t wear a gunny sack but instead wear attractive clothing, so too we can wear makeup to look attractive.  We use makeup to cover blemishes, but we also use it to attract people to our faces, in particular to our smile and personality, and not to other parts of the body.

We are made in the image and likenesses of God.  We should be proud of this.  By using makeup we can emphasize our God-given beauty and attract others to God through  the dignity we show.


As with all things, we should maintain a proper balance.  We should definitely be cautious not to go overboard when wearing makeup; we CAN wear too much.  It is also not a good idea to be consumed with looking perfect all the time.  If we panic every time we forget to put on mascara, then we are probably going a little too far.  Makeup should not lead us to vanity.   Since we ladies are the more beautiful sex, our makeup should be kept in check so we do non get conceited.

In case you are wondering, I started wearing a little bit of makeup when I was 17.  My “basic” makeup consists of concealer and blush.  Sometimes I will wear some lipstick, eye shadow and mascara.  I try to keep the above mindset and do my best to maintain a good balance.

In conclusion, I am by no means telling the non-makeup-wearing girls to start wearing makeup or else they will look like slobs.  I am sure you all look beautiful without makeup.   I am just explaining why some of us choose to wear makeup and what the proper mindset should be when we choose to do so.  What do you think?  Do you agree with what I said or do you hold different views?  Please share your thoughts and opinions below in the comment box!  I would love to know what you think!


My Personal Modesty Standards

Before I begin, I just want to say that these are my personal standards.   These are what I feel modest in.  I am certainly not condemning anyone who does not follow my standards.  I am merely putting this out for others to read.  Hopefully you will gain some inspiration to just start thinking about what you wear and also to find some support for dressing modestly.

First of all, I mostly wear skirts, as I have explained in a previous post.  My skirts all fall below the knee.  I absolutely would not feel comfortable wearing a skirt or dress above the knee.  I feel like that is showing too much of myself.  In addition, I do not wear excessively tight skirts.

I will wear pants occasionally.  When I do wear pants they must always fit loosely.  In addition, I like to wear a long shirt over them.

Regarding tops, I will not wear sleeveless (except under a sweater!) but I am perfectly fine wearing short sleeves.  I will not wear a shirt that has any possibility of showing cleavage.  Honestly, I prefer not to wear shirts that are more than an inch or two below the pit of the neck.  In addition, I do not wear shirts that dip down into my back.

My shirts are not bulky or frumpy but look nice and confirming.  However, I will never wear a shirt that is excessively tight around the chest.   Also, my shirts must reach below the waistline of my skirts.

These are the basics.  If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to use the comment box below.  I love getting comments! 🙂



The Ultimate Rebellion

One of the most well-known rebellions.

As devout Catholics, we have the ULTIMATE REBELLION!

I hear about and see kids in school, students in college, and even adults trying to stand out.  They attempt to do this by dyeing their hair, wearing outrageous clothing, tattooing their body, etc.  What is ironic is that so many other people are doing this.  This method of rebelling just does not work as well as people hope.

by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, available from

by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, available from

Want to know the secret to rebelling?


Live as a CATHOLIC!


Here is a quick guide:


  1. Dress modestly.  People will notice.  I promise.  Seriously, do you ever really see a woman consistently wearing skirts most if not all of the time while still looking attractive?  Besides in my small circle of friends and family, I certainly do not.   This is an easy way to rebel against the norm while making others take a second look at their own way of dress.
  2. Stick to your religious values.  Most people will just let a hint (or more) of immorality slide.  If you want to rebel, stand up for what you believe in.  People will either act like you are a prude or respect you.  Accept either response as a compliment.
  3. Homeschool…this is pretty obvious as a distinct and rebellious (and praiseworthy!) practice.
  4. Be open to life.  So few people are open to life nowadays.  Most want their 1.5 children (“a boy for you, a girl for me, heaven help us if we have three”) and no more so the children do not get in the way of the parents’ worldly pleasure.  It doesn’t help that most priests do not come out and just tell them that contraception (and abortion–but they seem more open to discussing that) is wrong and should always be avoided.
  5. Don’t be wishy-washy.  Another way to say this is don’t be a milk-toast Catholic.  What I mean is don’t be purposefully naive.  Don’t be afraid to call the kettle black.  This does not mean gossiping.  This essentially is not allowing yourself to be or appear to be deluded concerning things that are just not right.  Don’t consider all attitudes, convictions, and actions as acceptable.  Notice and, sometimes voice, that something is not right.  Few people will do this.  Be proud of your rebelling nature!

I could probably go on and on, but the above are the highlights.  Essentially, go against the world.  Jesus said,


“If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you.  If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”


If you would like me to go into more detail on any of these guidelines just comment below and I will try to make it happen. 🙂

To conclude this post, I hope this guide will inspire you to live out your Catholic faith as a true Rebel of Christ.



Modesty Does Not Mean Frumpy

People are often wary of the term “modesty” because of a fear of looking frumpy.  The world certainly does not help us with this.  It is so difficult to find clothing that covers us correctly and still makes us look becoming.  Plus, even when we find such clothing, some (mostly jealous and judgmental) people will still frown upon it (You wear skirts? What religion do you belong to?).  Those kinds of people we should pay no attention to.  We are dressing for our dignity and to bring others to Christ.



Concerning tops, I must admit that it is extremely difficult to acquire ones that are both modest and stylish.  Often, I buy a blouse that has a low cut and put a tank top under it.  Or, if it is sleeveless, I will wear a sweater.  The secret is to constantly be looking.  If you hunt hard enough, I promise there are cute tops that are modest and attractive.




Be careful not to go overboard and only wear very loose-fitting and shapeless tops.  Yes, we girls should avoid tight-fitting shirts that accentuate our chests.  But we are women.  We cannot help the way we look.  It is not bad that we look the way we do.  We can wear conforming clothing while not looking risque or frumpy.  Further, we have an obligation to look nice when we are out in the world.  Otherwise, people will not take us seriously in our faith.

I would wear a something underneath this as it is a little lower than I am comfortable with.  But it would still look awfully cute.

Skirts can often be very difficult to find.  However, they are out there.  I know, because I have bought many skirts.  It does help if you have some skill at sewing.  Unfortunately, I am not very good at sewing, but my grandma graciously makes me skirts which are cute and stylish.  If you have no skills whatsoever with sewing, don’t worry!  As I said, there are skirts out there if you hunt hard enough.  Just make sure you do not wear skirts that look like a sack; they certainly should not be tight, but they do need to look nice.









To finish your outfit, add scarves, belts, cute shoes, jewelry, and other accessories.  Don’t be surprised at the compliments you will receive (“How classy!”) and even derogatory stares and comments.  Life will never be perfect in this world if you are following God’s commandments.


Catholic vs. Secular Colleges

A lot of people have very strong opinions on whether a young Catholic should attend a Catholic or Secular College.  Here I am going to share my view.  Please don’t get offended if you don’t agree with me; this is just my opinion and that’s all.

Many people will argue that a young person should only attend a Catholic College.  I do see where they are coming from.  A Catholic college strives to help its students advance in the Catholic faith.  It does this by offering classes rooted in Catholic tradition and values, which is definitely a very, very good thing.  Additionally, a Catholic college offers a Catholic oriented environment by having daily masses, other primarily Catholic students, and the support of the entire college in your Catholic faith.

When most people think of a con for attending a Catholic College they primarily think about the huge expense.  Yes, that is definitely an issue!  Not everyone is granted huge scholarships, and even after some are, it can still be expensive, especially adding plane tickets to the bundle.  For many middle class families, especially if several children are attending college at the same time, a Catholic College is simply far out of the budget.

Another obvious reason some frown upon attending a Catholic College is that most people don’t live very close to one.  Many young people would find it difficult to leave home and their family, even if they could afford it.  Not seeing one’s family for several months is extremely hard for many people, and should not remain unconsidered and shrugged off as immature.

Something some people may not have considered is that a Catholic College can be a harmful shield against the real world.  This of course can be good and bad.  But I can’t help but say that if a young adult is not solidly formed in his or her Catholic faith, then something is wrong.

A Catholic college definitely can help reinforce one’s faith…but it also can harm it.  I am not saying that this will happen to all, or even most, people.  I am just saying we should take this into consideration.  A person might attend a Catholic college and, especially if this person lives on campus, assume the whole world is pretty much just like it is at the Catholic college.  When he or she enters the real world it can be a shock.  He or she may react by being very naive when he or she enters his or her calling in life, and this can harm the person.  Again, I am not saying that this will happen to every person who goes to a Catholic college; it is simply a consideration.

Moving on to a secular college.  A secular college’s disadvantages are very easy to identify.  Its courses are often not aligned to a Catholic viewpoint.  The students and professors can be very worldly and, bluntly put, not good people.  But not all people at a secular college are like that.  There are some very good professors and virtuous students who are striving to live in the world, but not of it.  Even if most of the professors and students at a secular college are in need of virtue, this does not mean a person cannot grow in holiness while being a student there.  On the contrary, a person can develop a spirit of fortitude, courage, faith, and numerous other virtues just by defending and holding fast to his or her Catholic faith.  If a person is living with his or her family, then the family can help him or her in any difficulties that may arise in living out his or her faith.

So, I am not against Catholic colleges at all; they can be truly beneficial for some people.  However, I am defending the Catholic youth who decide to attend a secular college for whatever reason.  It is not an “easy path to lose your soul”.  On the contrary, it is an excellent place to experience the real world as a strong, devoted Catholic, and maybe bring a few wayward souls to Christ while you’re at it.


Why I Wear Skirts

I always enjoy reading other Catholic girls’ and women’s opinions on modesty so I thought I’d throw mine out there. 🙂  By no means am I trying to “preach” or judge others; I am simply sharing my thoughts and standards that I feel comfortable with.

To begin with, I do not think it is a sin to wear pants.  If I am going bike riding with my family I will don some pants.  However, I would not be caught dead wearing the skin tight leggings that are so prevalent in our culture right now.  I only wear leggings under a skirt to keep warm.

I do think that skirts are more modest than pants.  Pants tend to accentuate parts of a women’s body that should not be emphasized.  When I wear pants I always wear a very long shirt over loose fitting pants.  But I much prefer skirts!

Skirts just bring out a girl’s femininity.  They identify her as a lady who is worthy of respect.  When a girl wears a skirt, she feels dignity.  I’ve noticed that a man will open the door for me because he realizes that I am very feminine in a skirt.  Men notice the dignity and highly approve of it.

Before the 1960s’ sexual revolution in which women were supposedly “freed” (I like to call it deluded), women pretty much ALWAYS wore skirts (or dresses).  Women were happy with being who they were created to be.  After the sexual revolution, many women decided they wanted to be “equal” with men and be able to do the same things and wear the same things as men.  Obviously, this does not work well.  When women leave their children to take on a man’s job and dress like a man, she significantly loses her dignity and the respect that comes with it.

So that is where we are today: post-sexual revolution times in which you are stared at when you wear a skirt and oftentimes ridiculed for wearing skirts regularly.  But what others think should not matter to us.  We know we are created in the image and likeness of God and so should respect our bodies and the dignity that we are given.  So, go don your skirts and enjoy the dignity and respect you deserve as a woman.  And enjoy, too, the ridicule you will receive; if the world hates what you are doing, it must be right!


A Hobbit Hole Cake

This is a hobbit hole cake I had for my birthday a couple years ago.  I made it myself, having seen pictures online.  It was not hard to make and was tons of fun!

Besides baking a cake, I used oreos for the windows, candy rocks for the rocks, brown sugar for the pathway, a Fudge Stripe cookie for the door, an m&m for the door handle, icing for the grass and outline of the windows, and part of a Milky Way for the chimney.

I baked the cake in two nine inch pans.  I had to put on a base layer of white icing first.  I iced the first cake and then cut the other cake in half.  I placed one of the halves on one side of the first cake, iced it, placed the other half on the first half, and then iced it.

Next, I put some food coloring into a container of icing and mixed.

I then iced the cake with the green icing.

It sort of looks like grass, right?

Next, the best part, decorating!

It turned out really cute.

My brother suggested I use his Lego figures, so I did.

It looked very neat all lit up!


My Blue Dollhouse: A Tour

Several years ago I received a dollhouse kit for my birthday.  It was actually hard to put together, but I persevered.  I painted it blue and, the best part, got to buy things to put in it!


So, I am going to give you a tour through my blue house.  I have stopped buying things for it because of another project…but that story will have to wait.

Here it is: the inside.

Okay, so here is the living room.  It has a couch and a chair with a footstool.  There was a coffee table, put I put books on it and put it by the window seat, behind the stairs.  And check out the china cabinet and adorable china set!  That’s probably my favorite thing about the house.

Here is the kitchen, where the mother spends most of her time.

There is a stove, an oven, a sink, a refrigerator (yes, with food inside), a table, a highchair, and three chairs.

Then there is the little girl’s room.

She has a dresser, a bunk bed, a desk, lamp, and chair.  Behind her bunk bed you will notice a crib…

It’s a nice little area to put the baby’s dresser and crib.

The baby even has his own window to look out of.

And last of all is the parent’ bedroom.

They kindly decided to let their daughter have the larger bedroom and so their bed, dresser, and mirror are rather squished.

Okay, that’s it for the dollhouse tour.  Maybe sometime I will show you a similar work in progress…

Fairy Garden

I didn’t mention in my previous post about the fairy garden within the woodland gardens.  This is because I wanted the fairy garden to be a whole post in itself, as it certainly deserves it! The above picture shows the Grand Hotel, with the king and queen’s place being the wooden house on top.

This is the main entrance to the Grand Hotel.

This is the cute back door.

And here is the upper part of the Grand Hotel with an adorable door and balcony.

Here is the Chapel of Fairies, which the fairies faithfully attend every Sunday.

This is where the fairies get their teeth cleaned and straightened.

This is where fairies get new wings.

And this is the Fairy Theater.  Do you see the piano on the stage?

This speaks for itself.

Here is the lighthouse.

This looks really neat.

Here and below are little shops that the fairies frequent.

Isn’t this playground neat?

This was lovely scene.

And this is my favorite picture I took.  I love how the sun is shining on the little fairy cottage.



A Visit to Some Woodland Gardens

Last week I went to some beautiful woodland gardens with my family.

It was a great opportunity to practice taking pictures!

It was so neat to see this pet fountain.  I am hoping we can bring the family dog some time to the gardens.

The flowers were so numerous and so pretty!

And then my family and I headed to the children’s area, where there were some really cool rocks and a waterfall.

Check out this awesome bridge!

I think this is my favorite picture I took.  I love waterfalls!

Thankfully, there were benches (which were decorated so beautifully).

This little guy let me come fairly close before scampering off.

Eventually we had to leave…

And found this peacock waiting for us in the parking lot!

He was so beautiful and let us come up close to take pictures.

Then we said goodbye to the peacock and headed home.