A Hobbit Hole Cake

This is a hobbit hole cake I had for my birthday a couple years ago.  I made it myself, having seen pictures online.  It was not hard to make and was tons of fun!

Besides baking a cake, I used oreos for the windows, candy rocks for the rocks, brown sugar for the pathway, a Fudge Stripe cookie for the door, an m&m for the door handle, icing for the grass and outline of the windows, and part of a Milky Way for the chimney.

I baked the cake in two nine inch pans.  I had to put on a base layer of white icing first.  I iced the first cake and then cut the other cake in half.  I placed one of the halves on one side of the first cake, iced it, placed the other half on the first half, and then iced it.

Next, I put some food coloring into a container of icing and mixed.

I then iced the cake with the green icing.

It sort of looks like grass, right?

Next, the best part, decorating!

It turned out really cute.

My brother suggested I use his Lego figures, so I did.

It looked very neat all lit up!



My Blue Dollhouse: A Tour

Several years ago I received a dollhouse kit for my birthday.  It was actually hard to put together, but I persevered.  I painted it blue and, the best part, got to buy things to put in it!


So, I am going to give you a tour through my blue house.  I have stopped buying things for it because of another project…but that story will have to wait.

Here it is: the inside.

Okay, so here is the living room.  It has a couch and a chair with a footstool.  There was a coffee table, put I put books on it and put it by the window seat, behind the stairs.  And check out the china cabinet and adorable china set!  That’s probably my favorite thing about the house.

Here is the kitchen, where the mother spends most of her time.

There is a stove, an oven, a sink, a refrigerator (yes, with food inside), a table, a highchair, and three chairs.

Then there is the little girl’s room.

She has a dresser, a bunk bed, a desk, lamp, and chair.  Behind her bunk bed you will notice a crib…

It’s a nice little area to put the baby’s dresser and crib.

The baby even has his own window to look out of.

And last of all is the parent’ bedroom.

They kindly decided to let their daughter have the larger bedroom and so their bed, dresser, and mirror are rather squished.

Okay, that’s it for the dollhouse tour.  Maybe sometime I will show you a similar work in progress…

Fairy Garden

I didn’t mention in my previous post about the fairy garden within the woodland gardens.  This is because I wanted the fairy garden to be a whole post in itself, as it certainly deserves it! The above picture shows the Grand Hotel, with the king and queen’s place being the wooden house on top.

This is the main entrance to the Grand Hotel.

This is the cute back door.

And here is the upper part of the Grand Hotel with an adorable door and balcony.

Here is the Chapel of Fairies, which the fairies faithfully attend every Sunday.

This is where the fairies get their teeth cleaned and straightened.

This is where fairies get new wings.

And this is the Fairy Theater.  Do you see the piano on the stage?

This speaks for itself.

Here is the lighthouse.

This looks really neat.

Here and below are little shops that the fairies frequent.

Isn’t this playground neat?

This was lovely scene.

And this is my favorite picture I took.  I love how the sun is shining on the little fairy cottage.



A Visit to Some Woodland Gardens

Last week I went to some beautiful woodland gardens with my family.

It was a great opportunity to practice taking pictures!

It was so neat to see this pet fountain.  I am hoping we can bring the family dog some time to the gardens.

The flowers were so numerous and so pretty!

And then my family and I headed to the children’s area, where there were some really cool rocks and a waterfall.

Check out this awesome bridge!

I think this is my favorite picture I took.  I love waterfalls!

Thankfully, there were benches (which were decorated so beautifully).

This little guy let me come fairly close before scampering off.

Eventually we had to leave…

And found this peacock waiting for us in the parking lot!

He was so beautiful and let us come up close to take pictures.

Then we said goodbye to the peacock and headed home.


A Visit from Some Deer

A few days ago some deer visited our front yard.  I think at least one of them was a very young buck because the pictures show some budding horns on him.

I took these pictures with the long lens on the camera.  The deer were not too frightened of me, until I got, oh, maybe fifteen yards away.

And off they went!

They teamed up with another deer I had not seen anywhere and scurried into the woods.  However, I am sure they will be back, since our front field is a popular gathering place for many deer throughout the years. (It helps that we don’t try to shoot them.)


Ascension Thursday at Our New Church

Yesterday was the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord!  It was also the first “big” mass for our Traditional Latin Mass community (even though it was a low mass) at our new church!  It was not a Holy Day of Obligation in our diocese, so it was not very crowded.

As you can see, the church doesn’t look too Catholic yet, but we are going to get a new FSSP priest this summer who is supposed to be great as a “fixer-upper” and he will do all sorts of things to our new church.

Below is a short video my dad took.  It kind of gives you the feel of what it’s like on the inside.

Little Flowers Girls’ Club–Easter 2017

Sometime after Easter Sunday we hosted a Little Flowers meeting at our house, as we do two or three times a year.  The theme was Easter (The saint was St. Lucy).  First, the girls have a meeting, then a craft and tea party and usually some other activity.  The girls actually finished wreath two at this meeting.

The above picture is the tea party all laid out with the desserts (we provide the desserts and the other families help out by bringing non-dessert items).  The cake was in honor of Mary, since it was May.


At the tea party, the girls learn the proper manners for a tea.  They wear hats and one girl gets to pretend to be the hostess.




The girls’ craft was modge podge holy water fonts.  They turned out really pretty!  Below are pictures of a few of the girls’ creations.




A Baby Turtle

In our front yard we found a baby turtle!  Although most turtles duck inside their shells at the first approach of humans, this little guy was not very afraid at all.

He was so cute.  One of the littler ones among us inquired as to the whereabouts of the baby turtle’s mama.  He looked quite alone and we left him where he was after we said “hello”.

Meet Sissy

My dog Sissy is a toy poodle and is very cuddly and easy-going.  I got Sissy when she was a puppy and I was a little girl.  She had a twin brother who was very hyper and she herself was quite hyper when she was younger.  Here is a picture of her:

My sister made Sissy her own website at: doggytimes.net.  Check it out, it’s really cool!